Building Care

The Fabric Committee of the Parochial Church Council is responsible for the maintenance of the building.

Every five years, the building is surveyed and any maintenance and repair issues are identified to be dealt with in the next 5-10 years.

Since the inspection in 2010 much work, large and small, has been undertaken, including: 

  • re-roofing the nave and chancel
  • complete internal redecoration
  • insulation of the roof spaces
  • renewal of the rainwater goods to provide greater capacity and reduce blockages
  • new grilles to protect important stained glass windows
  • improvements to the choir vestry exit (fire exit)
  • improvements to signage
  • improvements to fireproofing in the boiler room

The inspection in September 2015 showed that the building was structurally in good condition, with only minor repairs to attend to, such as some re-pointing.

Church Heating

In October 2015, thanks to the generosity of Viridor Credits Environmental Company in funding the project, work was completed on the conversion of our central heating system to run on gas rather than oil. A gas main was laid from the road to the church up the side of the path to the west of the church. No graves were affected. A new gas boiler has been installed that will be more efficient at heating the church than its predecessor. There was always a risk that oil would be stolen from the tank that was concealed from view behind the church.

The PCC is particularly grateful to Viridor Credits Environmental Company for their very generous grant that covered the cost of the work. Their generosity has been marked in a plaque above the boiler room door.

This is the second time that Viridor has assisted the church, having made a large contribution towards the cost of re-roofing and redecorating the church.

Click  here to go to the Viridor Credits’ web-site to see other projects that they have supported.

The following improvements are planned for 2017/18 

  • improvements to the driveway rainwater drainage and resurfacing of the driveway and car park area

The organ suffered some damage due to water ingress before the roof was fixed and some pipes do not sound as a result. Whilst now safe from further damage, the organ will require attention. Click here to go the the organ page.

Much maintenance and cleaning work is undertaken by skilled and enthusiastic parishioners thereby limiting the use of contractors and the costs, but maintenance of any building, not least a listed building over a century old, is expensive and the PCC is always grateful for any contribution, financial or otherwise, towards ensuring that the work of the church in this parish continues.