Information on holding a Baptism (Christening) or Thanksgiving Service at St Mary's Church.

Christening or baptism services are a real celebration for us at St. Mary’s, Copythorne. It’s a time when all the attention is on the child to be christened as we pray for blessing and baptize in God’s name. Baptism marks the entrance of the child (or adult) into the family of the church. Once baptised the child (or adult) belongs to the household of the church forever. The parents and godparents (who must already be baptised) make promises regarding their commitment to nurture the children in the way of Jesus – a way marked by forgiveness and grace. It is a wonderful time of celebration and thanksgiving. Baptism services usually take place on a Sunday either at 9.30am (in our regular morning service and will conclude at 10.30am) or at 1.00pm (when it will conclude at 1.30pm).

John, our Priest-in-Charge meets with the parents and local godparents a few days before the service to go through the words which will be said so you are prepared and know what is to take place. These times are always greatly appreciated and help us to find a really good perspective as to what is of most importance in the nurturing and care of our children.

There are no fees for the service of baptism as in it we affirm the free gift of God given to each one of us – that we are loved to the very centre of who we are simply because we are ‘us’. ho

There is also provision to have a ‘Thanksgiving Service’ rather than a service of baptism. At a thanksgiving service no water is used and there is no provision for godparents. Parents are invited to choose appropriate supporting friends to act as mentors and guides to the child. The service is a service of celebration as we give thanks for the gift of a child, giving thanks to God for his provision and trusting in him for what the future holds.

We will take time to go through the service with parents and supporting friends (if possible) prior to the service so you are prepared and know what is to be expected.

There are no fees for a Thanksgiving Service; however you are always welcome to give any donation you may wish.

And it’s not only children – each year we christen/baptize adults as well. Again it’s a very simple service, but when an adult is baptized no godparents are appointed because the adult makes the promises of faith for him/herself.

To book a Baptism/Christening Service or a Thanksgiving Service please contact:
The Rev’d John Reeve: 023 8066 3267 or email by clicking here